Friday, June 29, 2012

Los Angeles Superior Court Filing Fees Increase

Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) and all other California counties' filing fees are being increased, in accordance with a series of budget bills just signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Each court system may implement the new civil case fee schedule at different times; LASC has not made the switch yet, but is expected to shortly.

Of interest to many will be the following:

Unlimited civil case and unlimited unlawful detainer case ($25,000+ demanded) filing fee increases from $395 to $435;

Answer or first responsive pleading filed by defendant in an unlimited civil case filing fee increases from $395 to $435; and

Probate filing fee (letter of administration or letters testamentary) and probate objection/contest filing fee each increase from $395 to $435.

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Update 7/8/2012: The new fee schedule is already in effect in Orange and San Bernardino Counties and will go into effect in Riverside County 7/9/2012, Los Angeles County 7/10/2012, and Ventura County 7/16/2012.

Are Employees Working From Home Really Working?

What employees do while telecommuting or working from home apparently isn't all work, but that may not matter all that much, according to this recent article reporting on a study of employees who work from home:

What People Really Do When They're 'Working From Home' by Vanessa Wong, BusinessWeek, June 25, 2012