Wednesday, July 13, 2011

California companies continue to flee state over taxes, regulatory environment

CNN ran another article on businesses leaving California for more favorable tax and regulatory climates. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is promising an economic development plan soon, but the bad news for most of my clients and for the state's economic prospects is that they are unlikely to be assisted by it, in that it appears it wiltarget only specific industries and even then likely primarily larger and more politically connected companies:
Newsom's plan will focus on California's premier industries, including biotechnology, agriculture and digital media. It will highlight the state's strengths in innovation and research and cultivate more manufacturing and exports. It also will examine how to address executives' concerns about regulation, taxes and layers of bureaucracy.
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August 2011 Update: Lt. Governor Newsom released his short-on-specifics economic agenda for California, to a mixed response on July 29, 2011.