Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Security Payroll Tax Holiday 2011

For 2011 only, there is a minor payroll tax holiday, where the employee half of Social Security tax will be paid out of the U.S. federal government's general fund, instead of deducted from employees' paychecks. This is part of the overall tax compromise bill, which Congress passed, extending the Bush tax cuts for two years, as well as adding this tax cut.

Employees will pay 4.2% of their wage earnings up to the $106,800 cap, instead of the normal 6.2% rate. Employers still pay their full half (6.2%). The self-employed, who normally pay both halves of the Social Security tax through the self-employment tax, will pay a combined rate of 10.4% (the employer's 6.2%, plus the employee's 4.2% rates).

To a minor extent, this limited payroll tax holiday - which is designed to spur consumer spending - will ameliorate some of the benefits of S corporation payroll tax savings.