Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New California Employer Workplace Poster and Pamphlet

Effective October 8, 2010, two new regulations impacting California employers go into effect:
1. All employers must post the new Notice to Employees, Injuries Caused by Work

2. Each new employee who begins work must be provided with the new Worker's Compensation Pamphlet, available here.
For more on employer workplace posters or to retain an employment attorney to advise and counsel you on California or Nevada business law issues, please click here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Debt Collection Scam Phone Number 760-284-1423

Please note that if you have received a call from an alleged paralegal or other person claiming to work at, with, or from the Law Office of Jonas M. Grant, and demanding the payment of an alleged debt, and threatening "prosecution" or anything else if payment isn't made, note that these calls are not originating from this office, which does not practice consumer debt collection law and does not employ paralegals or others to make calls on behalf of debt collection agencies or creditors.

Calls have been reported to originate from 760-284-1423, an area code in which this law office does maintain an office, employees, attorneys, paralegals. Nor does this office have or use any 760 area code telephone. Note that the number displayed on the caller ID may be spoofed, and therefore the owner(s) of this telephone number may or may not be involved in this scam.

Furthermore, the United States abolished debtor's prisons more than a century ago; all collections and debtor-creditor matters are civil in nature, there is no jail time or criminal prosecution for failing to pay a debt (unless there's also fraud or other criminal activity involved).

Please do not cooperate with these individuals, and report to them to appropriate authorities. If you have any additional information about their whereabouts or identity, or aren't sure if a call is originating from this office, please contact the office.

Here's what others have reported about the nature of calls from this number. In sum, it's always a scam, but the scam and the alleged name of the caller varies from call to call.