Sunday, October 16, 2011

Statement of Information Filings with the Secretary State for California LLCs and Corporations

The California Secretary of State has recently changed its procedures such that -unlike other business entity filings - LLC and corporation Statements of Information filed over the counter will be processed on the same timeline and priority as those filed by mail. The current turnaround time for either filing option is approximately four months.

There are two workarounds, neither one without its own problems:
  • Use 24-hour expedited filing, at a cost of an additional $350. Number one, this is too expensive to justify its use in most instances and, number two, if there is any mistake on the form, the Secretary of State's office will reject the filing but retain the $350 for its expedited review of the form.

  • For corporations only, the Statement (Forms SI-100, SI-200 C, and SI-200 N/C) may be filed online. The online filing system, however, does not provide a file-stamped copy. And isn't available yet for LLC Statement of Information filings (Forms LLC-12 and LLC-12R). It is anticipated that in late 2011 or early 2012, corporations will be able to receive a filed copy of the Statement of Information online, and that LLC online filing will be available sometime thereafter.
Arguably, the processing times situation has reached the crisis point where the Secretary of State's office is dysfunctional, but, on the other hand, the office has reduced the filing backlog for most other types of filings, perhaps at the expense of Statement of Information processing.

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