Sunday, January 1, 2012

New California Laws for 2012

Ringing in a new year means news laws, and this year, new California laws include:
  • Perhaps most controversial, the Dream Act allows in-state tuition rates for qualifying illegal immigrants.
  • Public schools must include lessons about historical achievements of gays/lesbians and the disabled
  • Cough syrup and other products containing dextromethorphan, e.g., Robitissin DM and Nyquil, will now require a prescription for purchase by minors.
  • Sale and distribution of shark fins is prohibited. This law targeted a Chinese delicacy, shark fin soup.
  • Beer with caffeine is also outlawed.
  • Parents must keep children in a car seat until the earlier of the age of eight, or the child reaches the height of four feet, nine inches.
  • Crossing double white lines on the highway is now illegal.
  • Open carry of unloaded firearms is now prohibited.
  • Tanning bed use by those under the age of 18 is now prohibited.
  • Internet retailers must collect California sales tax on transactions if the retailer has a presence in the state.
  • Contractors are now allowed to do business with LLCs instead of only corporations
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