Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Accused of Unauthorized Practice of Law and Privacy Violations

Legal Zoom ( is accused of the unauthorized practice of law, as well as disclosing to third parties customers' private information:

LegalZoom and Washington State Reach Agreement Over Unauthorized Practice of Law, IP Watchdog
[T]he most egregious charge leveled against LegalZoom is that they sold, transfered or otherwise disclosed consumer information to third parties. So not only was LegalZoom offering to provide legal services to individuals without a legal license but they seem to have been collecting private information and giving away sensitive, personally identifying information such as financial information, information relating to real or personal property and information relating to family relationships. This screams for further investigation by other State Attorneys General and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Not only does LegalZoom’s advertising lull unsuspecting consumers to believe they are being represented, but what LegalZoom learns during such representation is given away to third parties? If an attorney did that they would lose their license.

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