Friday, March 20, 2009

New Twitter account - Follow us

The Law Office of Jonas M. Grant, P.C. is now on Twitter - which means you can "follow" us by signing up as one of our followers here, and receive occasional updates, including notification of new blog posts here - typically about four per month - and you can of course stop "following" at any time.

Our Twitter page can be found here:

Twitter: Law Office of Jonas M. Grant, P.C.

For those who prefer, there is also a free subscription available for the Atom feed for this blog.

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TeedwithCA said...

Have you heard the one about LA "Business Tax?" Come on LA and CA for that matter. You have got to be kidding me. I recently got an "assessment" for over 4 g's. Can't the city (and the whole state for that matter for supporting businesses and policies that try to drain money out of the poor) rob other people besides poor members of the working class? Give me a break. Nice tactic by the way. Don't make it clear to people who try to start a business that they owe city taxes on top of federal taxes and on top of state taxes. Then wait until the deadline is over so that they can slap you with a penalty, charge you interest and blame you for being uninformed. Then, while you are at it, hire poor black people who are already pissed off with being shafted by the system to work at the City of LA Finance Office to make it even harder to talk to anyone who actually cares. Nice tactic LA. Nice tactic CA. Raise revenue by robbing your poor members of the working class. Hey CA, here's an idea: why don't you go after the billionaires and politicians who cheat the system by not paying taxes and who drain money out of ordinary people's pockets instead of picking on your struggling working class citizens? What a novel idea. CA, I hope you get what is coming to you.

Anonymous said...

Done, added you.